Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Menjangan Snorkeling

It's been a long time since the last time I updated this blog. I guess life's so great that I forgot to write it down (hoeeks...) Haha just kidding. It's just the microblogging service makes me lazy to write a proper paragraph like this :P I like reading blog posts about traveling and fun activities. Actually there are also a lot things to write here in Bali, like Rip Curl's Girls Go Surfing Day last month, but first I will share my last weekend's trip.

One of my favorite activities here is snorkeling. Well, of course... how can I not like it? It's fun, cheap, easy, and energetic! I've been to several snorkeling spots in Bali (exclude Nusa Penida) and so far my favorite is Menjangan Island. I think if you've been to Bali several times but never been to this island, you've really missed out something! It is a small island in the northwest of Bali, near Gilimanuk, and is a part of West Bali National Park. Last weekend, my friends and I went there for the second time. Surprisingly, I thought it was even more impressive than the first time we went there.

In Menjangan Island, the snorkeling spot lies around the coastline. The spot is interesting because several meters from the shore, it's a shallow area (maybe just 2 meters deep) and suddenly after that, it's an abyss where you can't see the seabed anymore. Don't spend too much of your time snorkel above the shallow area. To truly enjoy the natural beauty of Menjangan Island, snorkel above "the precipice" between the shallow area and the abyss. It's such a stunning view: a lot of healthy corals and fish in various size and colors. The corals near the abyss are in a terraced formation, so they form some kind of "coral wall". Dive a bit and you can see the corals from the side, rather than from the top. The snorkeling spot is stretched along the south to the southwest part of the coastline, so you won't get bored swimming in the same area for too long. In fact, we spent 3 hours snorkeling there.

Oh by the way, this time we got the underwater pics, courtesy of Zul, our office's Tourism Minister :D

Of course this is also the right time for narcissism:

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