Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Dictionary Extension

This has been around for some times with the beta version, but if you just tried out Chrome extensions following yesterday's release of version 4 and are searching for nice and useful extensions, I'll show you one of them. The really nice thing I can find in the extension gallery is Google Dictionary extension for Chrome.

Sometimes when I read something in the internet and stumble into a difficult word, I will just look it up in an online dictionary. Some online dictionary websites offer tools like dictionary lookup toolbar that can be used to easily search a word's definition, but they do not come nearly as handy as this Chrome extension. Just by double-clicking the word, the definition will pop up in a moment.

Well, but as you see, the definition is not like in the usual dictionary where there are several meanings for a word and they depend on the word's function in a statement (noun, verb, etc.), so you may see something like this:

However, if the definition given is not satisfying, you can always click on the Google Dictionary Lookup in the omnibox and search for the word's definition. It's still far simpler than opening a new tab and go to an online dictionary website.

Hopefully someday there will be some natural language processing baked within the dictionary, so that when a word is clicked, it will give a more appropriate definition based on the word's function in a sentence :)

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